I guess if you don’t jump you never know if you can fly
— "New Strings", Miranda Lambert


Thanks so much for your help. You did an incredible job, going to spread the good Amara word. The band and entire crew were super impressed with you work, flawless. - Max G., Foundation Music "Aer Party"

Amara is the type of calm that makes an entire room feel at ease. She cultivates creative spaces and interactive events that make guests feel alive and connected to each other in ways they've never experienced before. Her vision and ability to bring ideas to life always blows me away- I can't recommend working with her enough. Jen Boschma, Tribe of Dreamers

Amara has talent unlike anyone I have ever seen or known: just by knowing you or knowing about you she can create an event, an experience that is like what you imagine in your head but better. Amara is the ultimate event designer and is able to not only recognize the uniqueness in others but translate that to an event space. Most people cannot imagine what a blank space can become. Amara has enough innovation and vision to see exactly what could be to make it perfectly you. She is flexible, cool under stress and does whatever it takes to make the event a complete success. Amara is the master curator of fun. I do not want anyone else planning my birthday parties, dance parties and corporate events!  - Julie O, Emerging Leaders Director - United Way of Greater Los Angeles

I love working with Amara she cares about the whole picture and putting together a truly unique experience that fits the clients needs perfectly. I get excited anytime I have the opportunity to work with her knowing it will be full of creativity and fun.  - Designer, Corrie Sullivan

Amara has the rare gift of seeing every person as an individual. That means that not only will she be attentive to you and your event needs, she knows how to go above and beyond in caring for your guests  - Monica C, Professor, Biola University

Amara is one of the most multi-talented people I know. She has experience in so many different fields. That means when she designs an event, she sees the big picture as well as the details. - Jessica T, Account Executive, Pop TV